1000ml Bottle Filling Line

1000ml Bottle filling line It is suitable for the line of regular bottles less than 1000ml. Bottles are loaded manually, filling and capping is completed by these two combined machines, then to wet-glue or self-adhesive phase, products are put in cartons manually. ● It only requires 3 people...




The 1000ml bottle filling line is suitable for ordinary bottled series of less than 1000ml. Manual bottling, filling and capping through the two combination machines, then wet or self-adhesive, the product is manually placed in the carton.


●You only need 3 people (one operator, two assistants) to run this item.

●The filling and capping combination machine has good coordination. Servo volume filling ensures high precision.

●No material cans are designed to be easier to clean and change specifications.

●Its linear capping design is adjustable.

● Wet or self-adhesive is available for customers to choose.


1000ml Bottle Filling Line is suitable for water, semi-fluid, ointment, shampoo and other viscosity products, widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, household chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other industries. It uses a straight-line filling model to fill different types of solutions without adding any spare parts.




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