Automatic Lotion Filling Machine ZHGZ-1612A

ZHGZ-1612A Automatic Lotion Filling Machine This inline type of filler is best suited for viscous products including easily volatilized liquid, easily concreting liquid, and easily foaming liquid, and also suited for strong corrosive chemicals to rubber and plastic. In additional, it is also...




ZHGZ-1612A automatic emulsion filling machine, this in-line type filler is most suitable for viscous products, including volatile liquids, liquids that are easy to coagulate, liquids that are easy to foam, and strong corrosive chemicals for rubber and plastics. . In addition, it is also suitable for paste and semi-paste products. The machine also meets food-grade standards and can handle a variety of chemicals: such as thick sauce, salsa, salad dressing, cosmetic cream, heavy shampoo, gel, cream cleaner and wax, adhesive, heavy oil and lubrication Agent.


It is automatically controlled by a computer (PLC) and touch screen control panel. The advanced structure, high reliability, low noise, wide adjustment range and high filling speed of the material storage tank are specially equipped with a stirrer, which can synchronize mixing and filling. All parts in contact with the material are manufactured using advanced SS and also meet GMP standards.

Technical Parameter

power supply: AC220V(three phase); 50Hz
power: 1 kW
pneumatic (air-operated)source: 0.6MPa clean and stable compressed air
the Min diameter of bottle mouth: Ф30mm
suitable bottle diameter: Ф40mm~Ф100mm
suitable bottle height: 60mm~230mm
suitable filling material: no hard granule within the sauce
production capacity: 800 bottles/hours
weight: 460 KGS10.mainunit dimension(L×W×H): 2000mm×1100mm×1900mm


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