Full-automatic Anticorrosive Straight Line Type Filling Machine ZH-FF

ZH-FF Full-automatic anticorrosive straight line type filling machine The series filling machine is a kind of full-anticorrosive (PLC) program controlled high-tech filling machine with photoelectric sensing and pneumatic actuating researched and developed by our company. The machine is specially...




ZH-FF automatic anti-corrosion linear filling machine is a full anti-corrosion (PLC) program-controlled high-tech filling machine developed by our company, with photoelectric sensing and pneumatic driving function. This machine is designed to fill highly corrosive liquids and liquids, such as cosmetics that do not touch metal. Machine parts in contact with the liquid are made of non-metallic anti-corrosion materials. It has a submersible filling function for accurate measurement and no air bubbles and sagging during filling.

Technical Parameter
Model: ZH-FF12G(LM-FF16G)
Filling Speed: 16G(120b/m, less than 500ml )
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Working Pressure: 6-7kg/c㎡ 
Machine Size: 2000*810*2200mm


◆ Parts of the whole machine contact material can be specially allocated according to product characteristics. Therefore, it is suitable for filling the strongest corrosive products. If you add a PVC bucket, it will be the ideal cold wave fine filler.

◆ Combined with the anti-drip function of the lifting and filling system, it will become the ideal filling machine for high foam water injection products.

◆ With regular filling, no bottle filling, filling volume counting and so on.

◆ Easy maintenance without any special tools.

◆The material is automatically added using a US anti-corrosion pneumatic diaphragm pump.


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