Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube Machine

Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube Machine Auxiliary engine: An automatic roll-releasing device, connecting platform, an automatic margin-cutting mechanism, an automatic tube forming device, a high frequency welding mechanism, the vertical and horizontal traction devices, an automatic synchronous...




Combined with mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technology, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe manufacturing machine is highly automated. It has the characteristics of low investment, high productivity, low consumption, simple operation, automatic fault alarm, non-stop drum re-feeding, accurate rotary cutting position, convenient maintenance, etc., and stable performance. Using high-frequency welding and aluminum-plastic composite materials, it can produce laminated pipes of various specifications with smooth and firm welds. Its precise cutting makes the tube the same length.

The machine is mainly composed of automatic rolling release device, connecting platform, storage box, automatic trimming mechanism, automatic tube forming device, high frequency welding mechanism, vertical and horizontal traction device, automatic feeding mechanism and automatic synchronous switch. Cutting mechanism and computer control system.

Main Technical Parameter

Power of The Main Machine


Motor Power of The Cutting Device


Power of High Frequency Welding


Power Supply









We produce a variety of aluminum-plastic composite pipes for filling food, medicine and so on. For example, the dentifrice tube can be used to fill a variety of toothpaste, such as ordinary toothpaste, crystal clear toothpaste, toothpaste medicine and toothpaste color. The daily product category can be used to fill facial cleanser, hand cream, hair dye and various cream cosmetics and shoe polish, watercolor inks, oils, lubricants, etc. Food tubes are used to fill condensed milk, peanut butter, chili sauce, chocolate sauce, mustard sauce and other food sauces. The drug tube is used to fill various medicinal ointments such as athlete's foot ointment, burn ointment, acne ointment, skin cream, eye ointment, and frostbite cream.


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