High-speed Double Heads Tube Filler and Sealer ZHF-160

ZHF-160 High-speed double heads Tube Filler and Sealer Key Features ZHF-160 tube filling & sealing machine is provided with 2 filling heads and a set of double-branch tube feeing system. Applicable to: plastic composite tubes, aluminum plastic composite tubes and metal tubes(optional)...



ZHF-160 tube filling & sealing machine is provided with 2 filling heads and a set of double-branch tube feeing system. This machine is mainly used for plastic/laminated tube packaging, such as toothpaste, cosmetics, food, medicine, it can be filled with cream and liquid into a tube, then automatically sealed tube, automatic finished tube outlet tube.

Technical Parameter

Oper ation speed: 160/min/(max)
Filling volume: 1-300ml
Filling precision: ≦±0.5﹪ 
Suitable tube length: 50-240mm
Suitable tube diameter: 10-50mm
Power supply: 380Volt, 50Hz (220Volt, 60Hz)
Power of hot-wind generator: 3Kw×2
Consumption of compressed air: 1.2 m3
Working pressure: 0.6 Mpa
Capacity of hopper: 70L
Dimensions: 2870×1770×2340mm

Optional Devices
◆Externally allocated refrigerator
◆Special-shaped sealing devices (wave type sealing device, arc sealing device, T-shaped punching  hole sealing device, metal pipe folding and sealing device)
◆Jacket and barrel heat preservation device
◆Blending device inside the barrel
◆Blowing and sucking type tube cleaning device
◆Nitriding device before and after filling
◆Automatically controlled material feeding device (pump)
◆Finished tube conveyor


1. The machine can meet the sealing requirements of different types of tail pipe folding, aluminum pipe, plastic pipe and laminated pipe. This is a multi-purpose machine.

2. It can automatically carry out the whole process of feeding, marking, tube cleaning, filling, sealing, batch printing and finished product discharging.

3. Servo control makes the touch screen adjust the filling amount accurately and conveniently.

4. Depending on the length of the tube, the lumen height can be easily adjusted by the motor. The external reverse feeding system makes the tube charging more convenient and more tidy.

5. The mechanical linkage photoelectric sensor has a precision tolerance of less than 0.2mm. The range of chromatic aberration between the tube and the mark is reduced.

6. The machine adopts photoelectric, electric and pneumatic integrated control. No tube, no fill. It alerts when a low pressure occurs. If the pipe is wrong or the safety door is opened, the machine will stop automatically


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