Metal Tube Filling and Sealing Machine ZHF-80Z

ZHF-80Z Metal Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Key Features ◆Compact Design ◆Driving Parts Fully-closed ◆Pneumatic Tube Washing & Feeding ◆Intelligent Temperature Control and Cooling System ◆Easy to Operate and Adjust ◆316L Stainless Steel Contact Parts to meet GMP Standard ◆Safety Interlock...




Metal Tube Filling and Sealing Machine ZHF-80Z is a mechatronic machine. It adopts various imported technologies and is controlled by PLC, which can automatically complete feeding, partial color code, filling, sealing and discharging at the same time. The machine runs smoothly, is easy to control, and has a size conversion. It is suitable for the production of paste products, with beautiful appearance, strong practicability and high process value.


It is widely used in toothpaste, ketchup, paste food, cosmetic, hair-dyeing paste, art palette and so on industries .

Technical Parameter

Filling volume: 1-300ml/unit (Adjustable)
Filling accuracy: ≦±0.5﹪ 
Capacity: 3000-4800units/hour (Adjustable)
Tube diameter: Φ10-50 mm
Tube length: 210mm (can order)
Hopper volume: 40L
Equipped motor: 1.1KW
Machine power: 2kw
Dimension: 22700×960×2100(mm) 
Power supply: 380/220 (Optional)
Weight: About1200 Kg


1. Easy to operate and maintain. Automatic positioning, feeding, welding, cutting, printing.

2. Stainless steel body, sturdy and beautiful, small size, light weight, easy to locate.

3. The tool head can be customized according to customer requirements. It is possible to seal tubes of various sizes.


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