Automatic Filling and Pump Capping Machine DTNX-60XB

DTNX-60XB Automatic filling and pump capping machine This sprayer pump, glass dropper bottle filling and capping machine includes the turn table feeding bottle, automatic filling, automatic feeding sprayer pumps(glass dropper),capping, labelling and bottle collection table. This production...




This spray pump includes a bottle feeding station, a peristaltic pump filling machine, a feed spray pump (glass dropper), a pre-cap, a servo cap, a label and a bottle collection station. The single-head (double-head) automatic ointment filling machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) human-machine interface technology, and is equipped with Korean imported photoelectric tracking switch, which is suitable for filling ointment products in ointment, oil, syrup and other industries. The filling nozzle will automatically be inserted into the bottle for filling and then rise quickly, which reduces air bubbles.

Filling volume:5-100ml
Filling accuracy: ≥99% 
Cap feeding rate: ≥99% 
Capping rate: ≥99% 
Power: 2KW  220V
Labelling accuracy: ±1MM


1. Flush empty bottles, filling and capping functions are integrated in one system, fully automatic synchronous work. The bottle moves from the feed to the neck from the neck to the neck until it is fed, resulting in a scratch-free movement of the bottle.

2. Pressure discharge nozzles provide fast, efficient and accurate dispensing with minimal dripping and leakage.

3. No bottle without filling, no cover without cover, no cover automatically stops. When the cork stops automatically, the machine accident stops automatically. When the machine is running, the window is opened and the machine is automatically paused. Heavy duty stainless steel filling pumps and flushing pumps. 316L or 304 stainless steel contact parts, smooth and delicate Poland, no dead ends.


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