Automatic Water Emulsion Filling and Capping Machine ZHSR-4C

ZHSR-4C automatic water emulsion filling and capping machine Liquid, lotion, cream generic. Automatic filling, within corking, capping, the container is discharged. Linear operation, automatic maneuver recycled jig. Fixture adjustable, exchange bottle type simply adjust the clamp to fill...




Automatic Water Emulsion Filling and Capping Machine ZHSR-4C is a fully automatic multi-functional combination machine that combines washing, filling and capping. The machine is equipped with advanced HMI control technology with all the necessary automation functions. It is suitable for hanging neck holding methods. Therefore, very convenient bottle conversion. A multi-function machine for packaging mineral water and other beverages, such as juice, squares, etc., filled at higher temperatures by replacing certain parts.


1. Linear operation, automatic maneuvering recovery fixture, and adjustable clamps. The exchange bottle type can be filled with different bottles by simply adjusting the clamp.

2. The servo motor controls the sneak to follow the filling to prevent bubbles from being sprayed outside the filling material. The servo motor is combined with a rotary valve, the piston is quantitatively filled, easy to control, simple to adjust, high in filling accuracy, and more widely filled.

3. Cover the servo lift, the robot clamps and caps, the cap size is adjustable, the capping torque is adjustable, no cap damage, and the capping success rate is high.

4. Equipped with a moving wheel for easy movement. The machine is made of sanitary stainless steel, which is of high quality and clean.




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