Full-automatic Perfume Filling &Capping Machine ZHLD-1632P

ZHLD-1632P Full-automatic Perfume Filling & Capping Machine The introduction of the machine This filling machine can be divided into automatic bottles feeding, automatic filling, automatic cap dropping, automatic capping etc. The diagrammatic sketch is as following: The principle of running:...



Operating principle

Place the bottles in the feed conveyor and let them enter the filling machine in sequence. If there is a bottle on this workstation, the inspection sensor will begin to check and then pass the inspection signal to the internal control system to control the unfilled, unfilled, unqualified bottle. If the sensor checks for a bottle, the filler begins to fill. The filled bottle enters the automatic lowering station through the rotary table. The bottle after dropping the cap enters the automatic capping station. Finally, the capped bottle will be sent to the output conveyor.


The filling range: 5-50ml
Capacity: 30-50 bottles/min
The filling accuracy: ±1%  
The dropping caps rate: ≥99%
The power: 1KW  220V  stepless speed change
Air source: pressure≥4Kg/cm2, flow quantity 0.11m3/min


1. PLC controller, color touch screen display,

2. No bottle without filling (only for peristaltic pump) / no added pump / no external cover,

3. The cap positioning device allows the long tube, the short tube and the curved tube to enter the bottleneck accurately.

4. All day 304 stainless steel, fully compliant with GMP standards,

5. The machine filling measurement is accurate, the screw cap is stable and the operation is convenient.


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