Liquid Mosquito Repellent Filling & Plugging & Capping YFYT-50A

YFYT-50A Liquid Mosquito Repellent Filling & Plugging & Capp This equipment is applicable to daily chemical industry with automatic vibrating feeding device. Main machine is protected with aluminum protective cover. Emergency stop when protective cover is open to ensure safety and reduce...



Liquid Mosquito Repellent Filling & Plugging & Capping YFYT-50A is suitable for the daily chemical industry and is equipped with an automatic vibrating feeder. The main unit is protected by an aluminum protective cover that will stop in an emergency if it is opened to ensure safety and reduce noise. Each station is controlled by a PLC. Automatic detection of defective products, such as products without a plug, without a plug or without a cover, will stop the defective product. These products will be re-run after finishing. It is counted when the finished product is fired.
Technical Parameter:

Filling Volume


Filling Accuracy

30ml±0.5g 100ml±1%

Production Capacity

1800 pcs/h

Success Ratio



3P 380V

Air Pressure





● Select models according to product output and volume to achieve high-speed and high-precision production of automated small and medium-sized products.

● Customers can choose peristaltic pumps, plunger pumps or other metering methods as needed.

●The mechanical power system adopts precise technology, drives the mechanical arm to take out, presses the plug, and precisely matches the capping device, raises and lowers the CAM mechanism, so that the device, plugging and capping device operate without any error or deviation, ensuring stability and reliability. The machine is running.

●Adopting precision servo technology to control the capping force.


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