Lotion Filling and Capping Machine ZHG-50

ZHG-50 Lotion filling and capping machine This machine has the functions such as automatical screw type bottle feeding, bottle detecting (no bottle no filling, no bottle no cap feeding ), filling, cap feeding and capping automatically. It functions as bottle unscrambling, filling, foil sealing,...




Lotion Filling and Capping Machine consists of bottle, filling, pump head pump head and outer cover of the outer cover. Each station can realize all functions of bottle work and no bottle stop. There is no dripping during filling. This machine can be equipped with upper valve device according to customer's requirements, or it can be combined with bottle washing machine, labeling machine and inkjet printer. This automatic filling and capping machine is suitable for hair care essential oils, body lotions, perfumes, lotions, lotions and other materials.


Filling volume: 1~250ml
Filling speed: 40bottles/min
Filling precision: ≥99%
Finished product rate of cap drop: ≥99%
Main machine power: 1KW 220V stepless shift


The series is compact and reasonable in design and simple in appearance. Using high-quality pneumatic components and electronic control components, it has determined its excellent quality and long-lasting stable performance without any special tools. It is truly convenient to adjust, no bottle filling, accurate loading, and counting function. The whole machine includes: multiple filling heads, adjustable speed control conveyor belt, high-strength stainless steel frame, light collection, and electrical integration man-machine interface. The configuration includes: the cylinder moves up and down during filling, and drives the bulkhead to effectively prevent dripping and wire drawing. A filling and lifting system for high foam products and a system for further ensuring the positioning of the bottle mouth. The number of filling heads can be increased or decreased according to customer needs.


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