Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine ZHS-50

ZHS-50 Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine gathers mechanism, pneumatics & electricity with high automatization & rate of finished product and wide adaptability & stability. This machine has the functions such as automatical screw type bottle...




Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine The ZHS-50 is a clamped capping machine for the cover of the nozzle cover. This machine uses a clamp cover to secure it to the edge of the bottle. The whole machine is composed of the body, the work surface, the clamping device and the pneumatic control system. It is equipped with air cleaning bottles, quantitative filling, vacuum filling, pump placement, lid rolling, jacket placement, closure, rejection, labeling and final product collection.

Filling volume: 1~50ml
Filling speed: 50bottles/min
Filling precision: ≥99% 
Finished product rate of cap drop: ≥99% 
Main machine power: 1KW 220V stepless shift


Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine ZHS-50 collects machinery, pneumatics, power, high degree of automation, high yield, adaptability and stability. This machine has the functions of automatic screw feeding, bottle inspection, filling, cap feeding, automatic sealing and so on. This machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, pneumatically controlled, and easy to operate and maintain. It enables precise lid positioning with no wear on the surface, even with a good seal.


It has the following devices, each with its own functions, indispensable: mold moving ring, easy to replace the bottle; stepper motor quantitative filling, quickly adjust the filling volume; negative pressure device is used to fill the same liquid level; The robot for sending and pre-rolling increases the rolling rate of the pump; the elastic rolling head is to avoid damage to the bottle.


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