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Maintenance skill of liquid filling machine
Jul 03, 2017

1. Liquid Automatic Packaging machine impurity filter should be washed frequently (generally 1-2 months cleaning, such as packaging debris should shorten the cleaning time).

2. Continuous work 2-3 months should open the rear cover, to the sliding part and the switch bump to add lubricating oil, to the heating bar each connection activity place should depend on the use situation refueling lubrication.

3. For decompression, filtration, oil mist triad, should be checked regularly to ensure that oil mist, oil cup oil (sewing machine oil), filter cup without water.

4. On the packaging machine heating strips, silicone strips to keep clean, not to stick with foreign bodies, so as not to affect the quality of sealing.

5. Liquid automatic packaging machine heating bar, the heating sheet under the two layer of paste insulation, when there is damage should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit.

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