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Working environment of hose filling and sealing machine
Jul 03, 2017

The hose filling and sealing machine is a machine which will seal the end of the hose filled with the package. After the product is loaded into the packaging hose, in order to enable the product to be sealed, to maintain product quality, to avoid the loss of product, the need for the packaging hose closure, this operation is completed on the tail machine.

The hose filling and sealing machine refers to the mechanical sealing of the hose after the packing hose is packed. Usually in the actual work, the sealing machine is not used alone, usually and filling, filling the machine with the use, the group together into a production line, product packaging hose-product filling-sealing tail machine seal the end of the machine was born.

Hose Filling and Sealing machine working environment:

L, Local working environment: 30

2, the machine suitable for distribution Source: 380V 50Hz

3, the machine suitable for gas Source: 0.17 meters/min, working pressure 0.85mpa

4, the machine is suitable for cooling water Source: 1.5 tons/hour, water pressure p. 1 MPa or 2 cold water machine, temperature 30

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