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Can Filling And Sealing Machine
Feb 12, 2018


This machine adopted the single chamber equal pressure valve filling system,there will be no Air bubbles during filling ,sealing will be twice rolling pressing forming sealing, inverter controlling speed, suitable for all kinds soft drinks.


2Filling station working principle

The empty cans will be delivered to the main filling machine by the feeding screws, the filling valve and the cans will be completed sealed by soft plastic, machine will finish the filling while the starwheel moving, after filling, filling valve close and gas release, The filled cans will be delivered to the conveyor and enter into can sealing main machine.


3Can sealing Machine working principle.

Operators place the tin can lids to the slide,the slide can contains about the 300 pcs lids.At sealing machine lids inlet parts it is installed high sensitivity sensor,when detect the lids,the machine will feed the lids and connected to the filled can,pressing heads will drive the can lids,cans and can tray high speed rotating,at the same time doing first and and second time sealing.Then sealed cans will be transport to the conveyor



2Can diameter:Φ53~66mm

3Can height70~175mm

4Filling heads quantity20pcs

5Can Sealing heads quantity4pcs

6Filling presure0.3~0.5MPa

7Air pressure consumption1Nm3/h

8Defective product rate:≤3‰(except can quality issue

9Air pressure:0.61MPa

10Mian Power5.5Kw

11Conveyor height1200mm



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