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Development Of Filling And Sealing Machine
Jul 03, 2017

In people's awareness of environmental health enhancement today, packaging  requirements are increasingly high. Filling sealing machine is moving towards more functions in one aspect of development, moisture, freshness, temperature, visual, edible, sterilization, anti-corrosion, deodorant and so on. Bao Vaureche also in order to adapt to the development needs of green packaging, as well as packaging waste on the serious environmental pollution problems, as well as the task of a variety of raw materials, production of environmentally friendly filling and sealing machine, and constantly in the endeavor to innovate.

In the packaging industry, filling machine occupies a very important position. In China, filler materials accounted for about 40% of the total amount of packaging materials, from the development trend, the dosage of filling and sealing machine will be more and more large, especially the diversification of packaging materials. At the same time, the implementation of "plastic limit order" has further promoted the market demand of filling and sealing machines.

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the elimination of backward packaging is necessary, the improvement of plastic materials is also a priority, reduce the waste of plastic and pollution of the environment, which is also for the benefit of future generations. In the people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing today, the packaging requirements are increasingly high, to renewable materials as raw materials filling and sealing opportunities are more and more popular, and treasure Vaureche also in this regard further research and development.

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