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Improved Materials Handling Technologies
Dec 20, 2017

The exclusive Power-Peak technology ensures accurate residual moisture monitoring of the plastic granule. The system checks the initial moisture level of the polymer before starting the drying process and then verifies if the treatment has been performed in the pre-established limits. Moisture Meter Manager it is equipped with an automatic setting of process variables that does not require additional off-line calibration. Meter Manager scans the material and measures the in-line and real-time moisture level every two seconds, providing regular granule quality reports for each piece or sample. With Moisture Meter Manager it is possible to certify the production piece by piece.


MoistureMeter is one of many new or enhanced ancillary systems for the automatic treatment of polymer material to be processed in injection molding, extrusion or blow molding machines. The range of systems offered and installed worldwide covers for example the ONE WIRE 6, CENTRALINA DOLPHIN and KRUISEKONTROL conveying technology, dryers of the XMAX and FLOWMATIK series, GRAVIX and GRAMIXO dosing systems, the SILCONTROL warehouse management system, the X COOLER cooling and temperature regulating unit as well as MOWIS which is the latest high-end control and monitoring system for plastics processing plants. 


Moretto is  set to expand its activities globally with the opening of three new branches in China, India and Russia. Three markets where Moretto’s technology has been protagonist for years through the realization of numerous plants and the supply of primary companies in the sector. China is a market at the core of the international plastics industry with growing production needs from both technological and automation point of view. India is considered the second emergent country after China and represents today an important attraction for economic activities around the world with an exponential and continuous GDP growth. Last, but not the least, Russia with growing plastic applications in all areas where it is applied. A market in which Moretto plans to double its sales volume according with the results of first half of 2017: an increase of 35% compared to the total amount of 2016. Accordingly, every office engages experienced staff able to offer qualified advice with a careful analysis of customer’s requirements and the proposal of timely and effective solutions. The on-site presence also ensures a prompt and immediate after-sales service.


Tube filler

Tube filler and sealer

Tube filling and sealing machine

Toothpaste filling machine

Filling machine

Liquid filling machine

Cream filling machine

Perfume filling machine

Nail polish filling and capping machine

Bottle filling line

Lotion filling machine

Mascara Filling & Capping Machine

Eyedrop filling and capping machine

Oil filling line

Can filling machine

Powder filling machine

Cream Vacuum Emulsification Blender

Cartoning machine

Aerosol filler

Lipstick filling machine

Capping machine

Labeling machine

Filling sealing machine

Pump capper

Prefillable syringes filling machine

Oral liquid filling machine

Shriking machine

Piston filling machine

Juice filling machine

Electron grain machine

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